Technical Specs
Mermaid Imperial Performing Arts Centre (MIPAC) is a facility owned and operated by Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia.  Mermaid was founded in 1972 and moved its headquarters to Downtown Windsor in 1987, and acquired the former Imperial Theatre in 2003. The Theatre was built in 1914, along with a restaurant and upstairs dining room. In 1931, the Imperial Theatre was seriously damaged by fire. It was refurbished, using newly-developed large hollow clay bricks for walls, and dressed with decorative brick and fireproof fiber board. During the following decades, in addition to film, the Imperial Theatre offered plays, concerts and traveling musical shows. Since 2003, MIPAC has upgraded with a renovated lobby, enlarged stage, new backstage area with dressing rooms and tech storage, and numerous lighting and sound system installations. The auditorium seats 400 people; 300 on the main floor and 100 in the balcony. The balcony floor is raked at about 10% and is only used when the main floor seating sells out. The main floor is wheelchair accessible and the main floor includes two wheelchair positions. A small merchandising space is available in the lobby; we can provide tables and chairs, as well as a salesperson with prior arrangement. We do not offer catering or alcohol service, and generally prohibit food and drink in the theatre, except in the lobby or backstage.
  We do not currently have full technical specifications available for the theatre, though we can provide some details if you contact us by email. * Main floor seating: 307 (includes area for two wheelchairs and attendants) * Balcony seating: 100 (balcony seating only opened for seating if needed) * Stage dimensions: 46’5” wide x 19’3” deep * Width of proscenium opening: 28’3” * Height at proscenium: 13’1” * Wing space SL: 9’ * Wing space SR: 9’2” * 24-Channel analog audio mixer (digital available) * Fully-dimmable, programmable lighting board * Front-of-house catwalk for lighting * Dimensions of thrust: 29’6” wide x 10’10” deep * Ticket sales for all events are offered through

Draperies: * Main curtain: 2 panels – black synthetic velvet, hand operated * 3 pair black legs – black synthetic velvet

Mermaid Imperial Performing Arts Centre (MIPAC) stage


  Dressing rooms: * Stage level: 1 large and 1 small dressing room * Each dressing room has mirrors, make-up counters, costume rack, toilet, sink and shower. * Lower level has a Green Room, suitable for use as an additional dressing room. It also contains a full kitchen, toilet and sink, though no shower. Loading Dock There is a loading area located behind the theatre on Stannus Street. The double doors are approximately 3ft. off the ground, with a ramp straight on to the MIPAC stage. This lot is also available for vehicle parking. Loading in and out can also be done through the stage left fire exit, which opens on to the house floor in front of the stage. Lighting/Electrical: MIPAC has a front-of-house catwalk and side-pipes for lighting placement, as well as pipes for several rows of lights onstage. No fly system. Catwalk accessible through attic hatch. We do not have a full inventory of lighting instruments – a wide variety of lighting is available through our technical director. MIPAC has a fully-dimmable, programmable lighting board. Sound: 24-channel analog or digital audio mixer. A full complement of microphones, monitors, and speakers can be brought in as needed. A back-line of amplifiers and instruments is also available.MIPAC does not have orchestral equipment (folding chairs, music stands, etc.) MIPAC does not have regular access to a piano, either upright or grand. One can be provided at artist expense, with advance notice.   For all technical questions, please contact MIPAC for more details: 902-798-5841