Technical Specs

We do not currently have full technical specifications available for the theatre, though we can provide some details if you contact us by email.

* Main floor seating: 307 (includes area for two wheelchairs and attendants)
* Balcony seating: 100 (balcony seating only opened for seating if needed)
* Stage dimensions: 46’5” wide x 19’3” deep
* Width of proscenium opening: 28’3”
* Height at proscenium: 13’1”
* Wing space SL: 9’
* Wing space SR: 9’2”
* 24-Channel analog audio mixer (digital available)
* Fully-dimmable, programmable lighting board
* Front-of-house catwalk for lighting
* Dimensions of thrust: 29’6” wide x 10’10” deep
* Ticket sales for all events are offered through

Mermaid Imperial Performing Arts Centre (MIPAC) stage