MIPAC Theatre Rental
Mermaid Imperial Performing Arts Centre is available for rental.  We have reasonable rates for both non-profit and for-profit groups.  MIPAC has hosted successful touring acts, local concerts and theatre performances, as well as movie location filming.  Our theatre's technical director, Mike Jamieson, also offers complete sound and lighting services  for performances which are offered as part of a rental agreement. Tickets sold for events at MIPAC are offered through Ticketpro.ca.  If you choose to sell tickets through their network, your audience can purchase tickets online, via a toll-free phone number, and in person at our local box office, Windsor Home Hardware, and all other Ticketpro outlets around the Maritimes.  All tickets sold through the Ticketpro network are subject to their network fees, as well as MIPAC's own $1 per ticket capital improvement fee to help pay for maintenance and ongoing renovations.  For community events which may not require network sales, there are other options we can discuss. Please note that our theatre's availability for rentals is limited by several factors: * It is not air-conditioned so we advise against summertime shows (mid-June to mid-September) where possible. * We use the theatre to rehearse Mermaid's flagship productions prior to touring, and first priority is given to those rehearsals. * We also program an annual Performing Arts Series in the theatre, and we reserve the right to decline events that may conflict or compete with our Series schedule. For information about availability and pricing, please contact us at puppets@mermaidtheatre.ca or by phone at 902-798-5841.