VHC – Technical Requirements

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Technical / Hospitality Requirements 2014-2015 (Updated 31 March 2014) PLEASE NOTE - This rider may not be changed in any way without the permission of Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia

COMPANY • Cast of two performers and one Stage Manager. RUNNING TIME • One hour performance including a recorded pre-show announcement and a post-show Question and Answer period if time permits. • Start times: Because of their tight travel schedule, the company would appreciate close adherence to the start times. If the performance is late in commencing, it is possible that the Question and Answer period may need to be curtailed. This will be at the Stage Manager’s discretion. ACCESS • Mermaid’s Stage Manager will email/telephone in advance of the engagement to confirm the company’s arrival time, technical requirements, and answer any questions. Please provide technical and hospitality contact information. • We require a minimum total of 4 persons for load in/out and set up. Breakdown of the 4 persons is as follows: 1 Lights, 1 Sound, and 2 others to assist with setup of puppets and curtain units. Please note: only lighting tech and sound tech are needed for the running of the show. • Stage area, loading doors and dressing rooms need to be cleared to allow the company to set up immediately upon arrival and up to 90 minutes following the performance. • Stage should be swept and mopped just prior to the company's arrival. • No food or beverages should be permitted in the theatre. • Cameras and video cameras are prohibited during the performance. • Set-up: 90 minutes plus 1/2 hour house. Strike: up to 90 minutes. • We require advance notice of any striking and resetting when our set is in place overnight. PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS Minimum dimensions of stage - 35’ wide x 30’ deep x 14’ high. These dimensions refer to an unimpeded space, free of hanging lights or heating ducts. Please ensure wings are cleared. • A darkened auditorium is necessary and a black stage floor preferred. • Two dressing rooms for three people. The rooms should have mirrors, chairs, tables and lights. They should be clean, lockable and ready for the company upon arrival and up to 90 minutes afterward. • Toilets and sinks, with paper towels and soap, must be in close proximity. • Availability of standard stage weights or sand bags. • Mermaid travels with a self-supporting, freestanding set consisting of three small curtain units. • House masking to be provided by venue: Legs and borders, preferably black. No more than a 30’ opening. Pipe and drape will also be acceptable.   Stage Manager will confirm masking specifications by phone prior to engagement.  Please have hung prior to the company’s arrival. ELECTRICAL / LIGHTING • The company requires the service of one professional lighting technician to operate the venue’s lighting. • We require five 15-amp Edison (U-ground) circuits for our own equipment. • The company requests the venue have a general lighting wash available for the curtain call and Question and Answer session. • A lighting plot, channel hookup and instrument schedule will be provided by the Stage Manager upon request that will be used in addition to the house plot. • We travel with two single fluorescent units, four double fluorescent fixtures and two Altman 705s. The Altmans will need to be hung. Location to be determined by the Stage Manager. The Altmans and fluorescents are controlled by the Stage Manager from the stage right wing area. Neither is patched into the house dimmers. • Please provide running lights stage right, left and upstage. SOUND • The company will use the house sound system and requires the service of one professional sound technician to operate the venue’s sound. • The company requires backstage clear-com or similar means to communicate with the technical crew during the performance. • We will provide an iPod or iPad and DI box with stereo XLR outputs, which will be operated by the stage manager from the stage right wing. The venue will provide XLR cables to connect Company’s iPod backstage to house sound system. • We require a microphone (wireless preferred) off stage right for pre-show announcements and the post show Q and A. • The playback will be run through the front-of-house speakers. Two monitors should be placed in either downstage corner. • It is important that all sound be set up and operational before the company arrives. HOSPITALITY • Accommodations (when applicable, per Agreement): 3 single hotel rooms of 3-star quality or better, within 20-mile radius of venue. Engager agrees to advance hotel details to the company directly, no less than 3 months prior to performance date. • Plenty of bottled water (or a potable water source) and coffee/tea should be made available. • The presenter is to supply a light lunch (i.e. veggie/fruit platter, soup, sandwiches). Please confirm any dietary restrictions with the Stage Manager prior to arrival. • The payment cheque, made out to “Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia,” house counts, and any relevant publicity materials (posters, programs, press releases etc.) must be made available to the Stage Manager before the company’s departure. • For school performances, a number of evaluations will be handed out to teachers. These will be provided upon the company’s arrival. Digital copies are available in advance upon request. COMPLIMENTARY TICKETS • Please note that the company’s request for complimentary tickets is covered under the terms of our contract and will not normally be waived. The Theatre will be prepared to release these seats upon request two weeks prior to the engagement. MEET AND GREET • The company will be please to accept requests to “meet and greet” special guests. Should this activity be scheduled following a final performance, it will be essential to have extra crew on hand to facilitate a prompt load-out following the event. Please contact the Stage Manager in advance if a meet and greet is requested. SIGN LANGUAGE INTERPRETER • The company should be notified in advance if sign language interpreters are to participate. Signers should be located off the edge of the stage, audience left or right and dimly lit with an isolated “special” blue gel. It is recommended that the signer wears all black and a pair of white gloves. A copy of the script is available upon request. IMPORTANT • In the interest of safety we would appreciate having the audience away from the performance and working area as our equipment and set pieces are fragile. However, with advance notice supervised visitors are most welcome at the close of the show. • Photography and video recording are prohibited during the performance but are permitted during the Question and Answer session at the end of the performance. FOR MORE INFORMATION • We can be reached by fax 902.798.3311, by telephone 902.798.5841 or by email at puppets@mermaidtheatre.ca. • If your venue doesn't meet technical requirements, please email Lisa Gleave, General Manager at lisagleave@mermaidtheatre.ca.

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