Treasured Stories by Eric Carle

Available in: English, Spanish Toured to: US, Canada, Singapore Over 370,000 spectators since 2011 Recommended ages 3-8 yrs.
Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia’s acclaimed composite of storybook favourites will enjoy widespread touring in 2016-2017. First premiered in 2011, Brown Bear, Brown Bear and other Treasured Stories by Eric Carle brings together old favourites and new friends. The hour-long production showcases the imaginative blend of innovative puppetry and striking scenic effects that has won international acclaim for the Nova Scotia-based theatre. To date some 400 performances have been applauded by close to 250,000 spectators across North America and Singapore. The Very Hungry Caterpillar joins a whimsical menagerie drawn from the pages of Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?  Celebrating its fiftieth anniversary, the story was written and illustrated by Carle and Bill Martin, Jr., and has served to introduce generations of toddlers to the delights of identifying colours and objects. The heartwarming father-and daughter quest for an unusual plaything, Papa, Please Get the Moon For Me offers a splendid introduction to the wonderment of the lunar cycle. To read more, please click here.


"...The sweet-as-can-be doses of narrated fantasy—made more so by a whimsical score—continue with adaptations of two more widely read Carle works. The puppet-driven “animation” of the little ursine protagonist (from Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?) and of Monica and her Papa (from Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me) teases out more laughs from the audience as the characters lumber or mosey across stage. Even kids unfamiliar with Carle’s canon remain rapt, thanks in large part to the dramatic lighting, those glowing sets and the handiwork of (just) two puppeteers."  - Tim McCormick, Time Out Chicago "The show, a live staging of three standards from American children's author and illustrator Eric Carle, presents a visual feast for viewers of any age. It's shot entirely in black light, with puppetry, live animation, projected images and object movement. All this visual theater is matched with original music composed by Steven Naylor.”  - Joe Hansen, Santa Barbara New Press
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Chicago Tribune - Recommended"...This is a traditional black-light type of show, a perennial favorite of those too young to be embarrassed by things that glow. And it's the only such production authorized by Carle, which means that what your kid knows from the beloved picture books will genuinely seem to have come alive on the stage in the same visual palette. One young lady near me with her dad wished to share that this was the best Sunday morning ever, which I promised to pass along." - Chris Jones
Chicago Reader - Highly Recommended "...Carle's colorful characters would pop up next—and gasping when it did. CCT's guest ensemble, Mermaid Theater of Nova Scotia, has faithfully adapted three of Carle's picture books—including the iconic The Very Hungry Caterpillar—in a visually captivating way that speaks directly to very young audiences. Original music by Steven Naylor and imaginative puppet and production design by director Jim Morrow capture Carle's serene sense of wonder." - Dan Jakes
Centerstage - Recommended "... Two puppeteers and a stage manager perform the entire show, which runs just under an hour. The three popular stories tell, with humor, how a chubby little caterpillar emerges from a tiny egg, eats healthy food and gets larger, eventually becoming a beautiful butterfly. Then a brown bear spies a red bird and a colorful chain of observations continue until the whole cycle begins again. And in the final story a devoted father seeks to bring the moon for his little girl. The show concludes with a masterfully handled show-and-tell talkback that leaves children both entertained and informed." - Colin Douglas
Splash Magazine - Highly Recommended "...Once again the Chicago Children’s Theatre brings to the stage intelligent and creative family entertainment. This time the treat is for younger family members. Directed by Jim Morrow and performed by the Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia, Brown Bear, A Moon and A Caterpillar: Treasured Stories By Eric Carle is a visual treat that incorporates puppetry, music, and set design in order to tell three of Eric Carle’s most beloved stories (Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and Papa, Please Get the Moon For Me)." - Noel Schecter
Chicago Now - Highly Recommended "...Want to see – and hear- your kids have fun with a learning experience. Take them to A Brown Bear, A Moon and A Caterpillar: TREASURED STORIES BY ERIC CARLE. It’s the perfect family outing to talk up before, during and after the show." - Katy Walsh
Weidner Center, Green Bay, WI “…The students were able to ENJOY literacy instead of always having to do something with it. They were just there to watch and engage – and it wasn’t a movie! - Kindergarten Teacher
The Playhouse, Fredericton, NB  “ . . . The impressive technological appliances that make this a believable show for both children and parents are complemented by a meticulously designed storyline and highly trained performers who are aware of the importance of an effective method of delivery. Thus, Mermaid’s acclaimed A Brown Bear, a Moon, and a Caterpillar brings an amusing spectacle to juvenile audiences in Fredericton and across the world”. - Juliana Duquem, STU Reviews



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